Cultivar Review: Tropical Lizard OG by binske

It’s not binskee, it’s binske. I had a great time at the Binske booth at Hall of Flowers and ended up with this sample of Tropical Lizard OG.

Lineage/Genetics: G33 Platinum x Wilson F1

Original Breeder: Masonic Seeds

Grower: binske

Terpene Profile: Beta Caryophyllene Dominant (B Cary, D Limonene, B Myrcene)

Tropical Lizard OG Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Binske’s tropical lizard og… Bud structure is wide and craggy. Must have been a bitch to trim but they did a good job considering. Dark spots made me say “what is that black stuff!” but it’s not black or stuff, just how the shadows in the nug look.

The nose was Peppery when ground up. Earthy. The new-to-me nose has to be the Wilson genetics that have taken the world by storm and I can see why Masonic chose it. There’s umami on this one.

I don’t get much og kush smells on this – and honestly it’s pretty far up the family tree. Instead, it’s much more like pineapple, garlic, mushroom, and onion marinated lizard meat. Yes, I have eaten lizard meat. Trick is to treat it like seafood and deep freeze for three days to be safe.

This is a cultivar to pair with plain food and could be a masterclass on how . I picture it with breads of all sorts with contrasting dipping sauces or GMO as pizza/flatbread toppings.

The taste of the smoke was like… Chile limon doritos or candied nuts. You are what you eat and that tropical lizard was eating good.

High is pronounced and beachlike. You go munch. You lay out. You’re cold, you seek warmth. You’re hot, you seek cool. Succumb to your lizard brain kind of high.

Nice one, binske.

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