Cultivar Review: Zlurpee by That Good Good Farm

When I go to ze 7-11, I ask for ze slurpee. That’s right. Give me the Zlurpee.

Lineage/Genetics: Zkittlez x Purple Punch

Original Breeder: Prime Cuts Nursery (John Houston)

Grower: That Good Good Farm

Medium: Living Soil

Terpene Profile: Unknown

More information: Visit

Zlurpee Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

That’s obviously not how it went down but I received a sample of Zlurpee from That Good Good Farm after connecting with Tamara at Hall of Flowers. That Good Good Farm is an off grid, solar powered farm deep in Mendocino County and they are a sponsor of the Mendocino Cannabis Alliance – an organization that deserves every mention it can get!

The Zlurpee nugs were beautiful, mature, and wonderfully trimmed. But spilled on the sidewalk outside a 7-11. The smell was both herbaceous and candied nuts somewhat not unlike the trash can outside of 7-11.

Put another way: That Zlurpee smelled a little like a burp after a burpee after a slurpee.

It hit as hard as brain freeze with the same amount of lessons learned: none. Elevator of a high to me with a solid dose of euphoria. A sugar rush if you will. I smoked it all in one sitting because it was that good.

I also got a sample of That Good Good Farms’s Cherry Dosi. These cultivars are ones that I wouldn’t usually choose from a menu but so far 2/2 from That Good Good Farms.

Def recommend the Zlurpee.

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