Dab Review: Ghost Domina Live Resin by Viola Colorado

Ghost Domina from @viola_colorado and @natural_alternatives_foco

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: Unknown

Processor: Viola Colorado

Ghost Domina Live Resin Review

The lineage is entirely unknown to me besides domina after a little research. OA has been good but I really missed getting Viola 🤣 it’s a very floral and key lime pie smell and it’s one to make you pull your head back when you open the jar at room temp.

The taste is much smoother, and oddly enough a good amount of b-caryophyllene comes out through the taste and high. Initially I only took one dab and it felt light at first, so I took another and holy fuck did it settle in after ~10 min.

The high is very electric and hazy, it’s heavy but keeps you awake even when in a silent room. Definitely an anxiety killer.

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