Dab Review: Kush Mints Live Rosin by Alpine Vapor

Kush Mints Live Rosin (solventless)
Badder 70u-120u

Lineage/Genetics: Bubba Kush X Animal Mints

Original Breeder: Seed Junky Genetics

Grower/Source: boni-Green Fields– Outdoor Calveras County, CA

Processor: Alpine Vapor @alpine.official

Alpine Vapor Kush Mints Live Rosin Review

CANNABINOIDS: 96.88% THC: 78.97% CBD: 0% CBGa: 6.97%
Packaged: 1/4/22

Big thanks for Alpine acknowledging my page and shooting me this to review @hall_of_flowers , hit up @speedyweedy to explore the alpine mtn if feeling adventurous!

Aroma: 84/100
Creamy cookie, with a pinesol heavy diesel layer, but it also has sweet kush, lemon, & light classic OG. Slightly herbal & musky, slightly earthy & sweet. Maybe some traces of chemdawg. Pine with Doughmint makes a sharp pungent menthol gas.

Appeal 84/100
Half mustard & half peanut butter. Has a greasy semi-viscous creamy buddered – Badder consistency. The main portion is thick, semi-solid, chunky & lil dense, but the outer layers are thin and runny. After leaving the jar open an hour the whole thing becomes more greasy & lil more viscous, with a newly formed thin runny puddle on top the thick main chunk, & the outside runny puddles have expanded & are runnier. Scooping it reveals the softer creamy mushy Badder consistency, compare macro 5 to macro 6 to see how much it stretched after flipped for 8ish min

Burn 93/100 taste 88/100
Clean smoke, extreme lung pressure & expando lung, provides a good clean choke out from smooth pressure! Taste were pine heavy diesel, with some OG Lemon gas. Creamy Cookie terps & dough mint. A slightly pungent menthol fuel. Sweet earthiness, herbal-musky-spices, a cheesy creamy type musk. Slight chemD, & hints of rubber.

Effect 97/100 potency 97/100
Wow, hardcore potency rush, uplifting energy & focus to the body, with strong gravitational pull I. Chest & stomach, mind is Stoney relaxed but clear. 40 min later it switches to full relaxation body & mind, fighting off falling asleep for 2.5 hours of heavy buzz!! Beginning Energy followed by a heavy slump! Power nap material!

Overall 91/100
Appeal & aroma were okay, burn & taste were good. Effect & potency were the best part, this one slapped! Highly Impressed with the onset, & the switch from energy to sleep!

Nothing is for sale!
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