Pre-roll Review: Gelato x Red Runtz (diamonds) by COTC Gardens

Red Runtz X Gelato (diamonds)

Brand: Cream of the Crop Gardens @cotcgardens

Thanks: @creamofthecrop_kat
‘Quick review’

Red Runtz x Gelato Diamonds Pre-roll Review

Alright guys, this is in ‘quick review’ format, my in-depth full reviews are going to be ‘reserved but available’ from now on as they take too many hours, however, these videos are ‘In-depth’ narrated. (Filmed 2-3 days ago) .

The appeal is good, black wrap, black mouth piece, fancy label wrap. The roll is perfect, it slightly ran at first but a lil patience from puffing it fixes it right away. (Rotate when lighting). Pure white ash, rare grey and even more rare pepper, fat motor oil terp ring that Drips hard and only faded away for a short few seconds before dripping hard again. Damn near a perfect burn. The tastes werent as specifically runtz or gelato heavy as I thought they would be, tasted more like a common cannabis terp profile. Pine, lemon, gas, sweet florals, herbals, spice, musk, little bit of that fruity skittley floral but mostly the common flavors, but it was super smooth, and had intense lung pressure from the diamonds. The effects were the best part, heavy body slump, voice drops a few levels with that low slow tone, couch locked, eyes get red and drop heavy, headband buzz, face melt. almost sleepy, with a nice uplifting potency rush to chest, but not to much to give anxiety, the initial potency/energy rush in chest switches to full relaxation not long after, the effects are slightly stronger than the potency, allowing you to smoke the whole thing, and still increase your fade each puff. 3 hour buzz. Mostly indica vibes, with some slight uplifting good mood happy vibes, body high is stronger and almost out of body-ish, mind is clear, but the fuzzy cloudy hazey in the body spreads into face and skull. The diamonds def supply a different buzz then the flower does. I like it a lot, these are known to have a lil bit high of ticket, but it’s def something to have for special occasions, and/or emergency pain / stress!
Appeal 90/100
Aroma 80/100
Dry pull 80/100
Burn 96/100
Taste 87/100
Effects 95/100
Potency 91/100
Overall: 90/100
Nothing is ever for sale!!
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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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