Strain Review: Marshmallow OG by COTC Gardens

Brand- @cotc_gardens
Strain- #marshmallowog

Lineage/Genetics: (Chemdog D x Triangle Kush) x Jetfuel Gelato

Original Breeder: WyEast Farms

Grower: COTC (Cream of the Crop)

Terpene Profile: Unknown

COTC Marshmallow OG Review

Don’t expect big nugs this is like a OG small but dense and full Trichomes and with a hint of purple hues along with some nice orange hairs.
Well here’s another marshmallow OG I had the pleasure of trying and let me say this one here is another strain not for the beginners but for experience smokers because the effects are those you would expect from a indica flower the body highs and heavy sedation and one which will turn your eyes from white to red and glossy and eye lids being lower. Aroma is gassy with some sweet and fruity type of smell to it. You can also smell that diesel OG aroma which you know will make you want to try it and or even smoke it. The onset starts from expansion of the lungs which will not make you cough as other OG strains do. Smooth and Nice Inhale and Exhale also. Will last around 1 hour and depends how much you indulge and consume. Keep it at a minimal if you smoke in the AM as it’s a bit heavy and mostly for the night after a busy day.

Thank you to and @cotc_gardens for allowing me to review another one of their flowers. I still have a video to drop to really show you how this looks like. It’s something else.

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