Strain Review: Lemon Fuel OG by Connected Cannabis Co.

Lemon Fuel OG
@returnofthealien @connected.california

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Connected Cannabis Co.

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Lemon Fuel OG Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

I didn’t booth hop at HOF, but my guys Over at @alienlabs looked out for me tough @dirk.deruwe with some newly improved biscotti, vapes & merch! & @connected_rep with Merch & this Lemon Fuel OG which I’ve dubbed : CHEMON FUEL OG, let’s dive in & find out why!

Aroma: 94/100
loud, stanky, and dank. Heavy OG terps, lemon heavy, pine. Gassy with diesel & lightly pungent fuel. The lemon gas is sweet, with a light earthy base, has some zest and herbals. Behind the OG is a hidden but strong chemdawg, gmo type sour-chem-onion-creamy-musk, combining the funk, fuel, OG And some sweets. Pungent Freezer Burnt skunky cream terps similar to gelatos.

Appeal 94/100
Nice OG structure & formation, chunky dense build, crisp to the snap, good dry, with slightly moist inners supplying a little bit of stickiness, green weed, light green bases leading to darker green tips, rusty red orange pistils hide in the crevices. Outside Trichomes have nice thick chaotic clustered coverage, made mostly of medium stalks & medium heads, they appear ambered & lil drier. [Also Has some big blocky blotchy morphed trichome heads & also a few headless stalks (see macro)] But the inners have neatly aligned & defined trichs w/ bigger heads, containing more greasiness. Love the OG build with the semi-foxtailing curls and protruding segments. Nice squat chunky colas. Good cure, good dry, good finish.

Burn 89/100 taste 88/100
Mostly white ash, some yellow-grey, and occasional pepper, but much whiter shade ash then some of the previous reviews. Terp ring fluctuated see burn video fully til the end for drip. Taste were chemdawg gmo musk, lemon pine OG, fuel, gas, diesel. Earthy, Herbal musky spice. Sweet lemon creamy candy cleaner.

Effect 94/100 Potency 93/100
Hits hard & fast. Body and mind both start with an energy & focus potency rush. Background relaxing. 30 min later it’s all couch lock and melt, hour after that I was heading into a nap. Great meds. 2.5hour duration.

Overall 93/100
Very enjoyable, great meds, the burns coming out of AL are looking much better!

Nothing is for sale!
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One thought on “Strain Review: Lemon Fuel OG by Connected Cannabis Co.

  • May 30, 2022 at 8:46 pm

    Almost picked this up last week – after reading your excellent review I’m glad I passed. Not a fan of the couchlock and Alien Labs seems to have lost it. Gemini was a HUGE disappointment and Biskanté failed to excite as well. For me Sherbacio was their best (although most recent batch about a year ago?) did not live up to past batches. Kudos to Kyrptochronic for bringing an intense satisfying high with KICK! I’ll definitely be looking for that TEG orange 🍊 soda after reading your review.


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