Dab Review: Orange Whip Live Budder by Echo Electuary

This Echo Electuary x Ananda Farms Orange Whip (Orange Cookies x French Toast) live budder had a loud sweet orange garlic gas smell with savory dough and cream notes.

Lineage/Genetics: Orange Cookies x French Toast

Grower/Processor: Ananda Farms/Echo Electuary

Delivered By: The Potland

Orange Whip Live Budder Review

The profile was very unique and complex. The budder had amazing color and the texture was simply perfection.

The flavor was a very strong and unique orange garlic gas with creamy dough notes that tingled my nose when dabbing πŸŠπŸ§„β›½πŸ¦πŸ© This profile was very unique and flavorful. It was also very smooth to dab πŸ‘πŸΌ

The high was strong in my head giving me that headband feeling. I found the effects to be both stimulating and relaxing. One of those strange hybrids that doesn’t quite feel right to me πŸ˜…

Overall I was impressed with this live budder. Even though the profile and effects of the Orange Whip weren’t really what I’m usually looking for, it’s definitely very high quality and I was glad to have tried it. Loud and unique profile, perfect texture, strong flavor and effects πŸ‘πŸΌ

Made 11/11/21

Tested 11/23/21 SC Labs

The Potland

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