Edible Review: Coda Signature Chocolate Bar

**Product Review**🍫

Brand: Coda Signature

Flavors: Snap and Spice, Fire and Orange, Coffee and Doughnut


Coda Signature Chocolate Bar Review

coda signature chocolate bar edible review by cannaquestions 2When I rate edibles, I take 4 things into consideration: Taste, Effect, Time, and Value

1.Taste is a solid 4/5! 👅 The dark chocolate blends very well with their unique ingredients. As far that weedy aftertaste, there almost was none! The only thing keeping me from giving these a 5 out 5 rating, is that the spices do occasionally overpower the dark chocolate.

2. Effect is a 5/5 🙂 The effects are strong yet easy going, leaving me subtly uphoric, but grounded enough to still enjoy my day, I even was focused enough to snap these pics! I ate 15 mg of the coffee and donuts flavor ☕🍩.

3. Time 5/5 ⏰ Remember, everyone comes with their own unique amount of cannabinoid receptors and enzymes in their body. My set of enzymes cause my receptors to be pretty susceptible to the effects of edibles (ya boi has a low tolerance) so these onset around 10 minutes after I ate them!

4.Value 💰💰 $18 for 100 mg? I can definitely deal with that 👍

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