Edible Review: Drops Candies Live Resin Jellies

I got a request to review Drops Candies live resin jellies so I checked them out and they are in fact vegan 👍🏼 I went ahead and grabbed one of their 50mg single jellies. They are strain specific and this one was Original Glue (GG4 I suspect) and labeled as “Chill”.

Brand: Drops Cannabis Jellies

Dispensary: Cannabis Nation Beaverton

Drops 50mg Watermelon Jelly Review

The jelly itself looks like a regular fruit jelly you might find at a candy shop in a bulk bin. It’s soft yet firm and coated in sugar. The jelly had kind of a lot of cannabis flavor to it 😅 and the flavor lingered for a bit even after finishing the jelly. I was ok with it, but if you are someone who doesn’t want any cannabis flavor in your edibles then these are not the ones for you 🕵️ The taste of the jelly besides the cannabis was nothing special but good, kinda standard candy I guess.

As far as effects, I took this jelly on top of my regular dose of canna caps and it took about an hour for everything to kick in. I felt a noticeable difference over what I regularly take but nothing special. I felt the high in my head a lot with not as much body relief as I was hoping for.

Overall the Jelly was ok. Good bang for the buck but not a product I would be likely to get again. Have you tried Drops Candy jellies? What did you think of them 🕵️

Made 7/27/21

Tested 7/30/21

Cannabis Nation Beaverton

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