Edible Review: Juicy Peach Mimosa Gummies by Lost Farm (Kiva)

Kiva lost farms mimosa 10mg edible review. Processor: Lost Farm (Kiva)

Kiva Lost Farm Juicy Peach Mimosa Gummies Review

This morning before work, I ate 60mg of of the mimosa peach live resin edibles. Didn’t do any smoking the first 4 hours to really feel it for itself. Shout out to @cakehouse_vista for making this review possible! Ask for @liiito619 @marissaschober @gigglesnorff or Diana for great customer service. Appeal- 95/100 looks good, convenient pocket fitting tube, 10 round circle slices of gummy coated in sugar. Taste- 83/100 peach rings, with a hashy live resin background taste. Not bad tho. The chewiness makes it hard to eat a bunch in a row. Effect- 80/100 uplifted, energy both mind and body, time flew by fast at work. Slightly body relaxing at the end but mentally stimulating. I should’ve ate more with my tolerance tho but I wanted to be safe Potency- 80/100 I only ate 6 slices to be safe, but with my tolerance that wasn’t enough, the rush I did feel slightly in my stomach about 30 min later, but then it was just mainly effects I noticed but not the actual potency, so clearly I took a micro dose for my tolerance level, next time I’d eat at least 150 mg of this product to do me right. Overall 85/100 very very good but I need a higher dose for my levels! Always good to be safe with edibles tho! #kivaconfections #edibles #420 #calibudreviews #cakehousevista #cakehouse
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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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