Edible Review: Vegan Cherry Lemonade Doughnut by Starfire Edibles


This Starfire Edibles x Tree City Solventless Vegan Cherry Lemonade Doughnut came to me picture perfect. 🤩

Brand: Starfire Edibles x Tree City

Vegan Cherry Lemonade Doughnut Review

When I opened the package I was greeted with a strong candy cherry smell and a beautiful little doughnut with yellow lemonade frosting, a cute red heart and sprinkles/pearls on it ❤️

When I bit into this doughnut I was blown away 🤤 The lemonade frosting is delicious and there were actually pieces of whole cherries in the doughnut 🍒😋 To say that I loved the taste of this doughnut would be an understatement. It was absolutely delicious 😋😋😋

The effects again were surprisingly fast acting and strong 💪🏼 These ice water hash infused doughnuts get me medicated 👍🏼

This review was done for TheMarket710 (Keystoned)

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