Hash Review: Purple Nepal Rosin by Hash House

Purple Nepal #notthe6

Lineage/Genetics: ( 🌍 🏃‍♂️ Nepalese Indica x Lemon Thai)

Original Breeder: Unknown

Processor: Hash House

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Purple Nepal Rosin Review

purple nepal cold cure rosin by hash house hash review by cali_bud_reviews

Big thanks to @macknterpz turning me on to Hash House last month. ‘Not the 6’ refers to their affordable wide spectrum cold cure line (possibly full spectrum). The Jar opens up to a darker amber-tan rosin, with undertonestones of white-beige, brown, gold, bronze & honey. The initial texture is really appealing with stacked layers of a thick creamy chunky peanut buttery rosin. Whipping it reveals its a touch dry on the inners, but its great for packing into a thick doughy patty, areating the top layer brings forth clear shining terp juices & adds more puddy-buddery texture to the surface. Over time the rosin takes on more of a light beige tan color and gets a little drier towards the finale. The Nose is fairly loud, & leads with a savory nutty, doughy, almond, funky layer, with major levels of sweet earth, some mild herbal zests, & lemon fuels, & a fair amount of a foresty pine backing that blends into the gassy funky diesel fuel. Evenly mixed with that savory nutty earthy gassy complexion is a heavy presence of blueberries, purple-berries, grapes, & blackberry jam that carry very light undertones of sweet florals, sour-dankness, & sugary sweetness. It also reveals a Gassy methane boiled egg aroma that also lightly translates to The vapor, but the savory nutty, almond, doughy funk backed w/ diesel fuel lead the way while the sweet earth, & sugary sweet purple-berries florals set the foundation of the flavor. The vapor translates the terps clean, & offers some decent lung pressure, although it does have some minor throat pungency on the exhale but is mostly smooth. For budget hash it burns really nice, tons of flavor that’s mostly smooth while mostly clean. I was really happy with the Vapor performance in comparison to the low ticket. Although the rosin does seem to burn pretty dark with moderate amounts of residual residue but the vapor performance was satisfactory & outperformed the ticket big time. Nice toasty/happy ‘afternoon’ effects with mild potency (2.5hr effects).

Overall: 8.79/10

purple nepal cold cure rosin by hash house hash review by cali_bud_reviews 2.jpg


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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram (www.instagram.com/cali_bud_reviews) and YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDx2wiI-UdUUahelnk9SPXQ)!

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