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Hash Review: Peach Pie Rosin by Hash House

Peach Pie @therealfuckinghashhouse Possible Genetics: See below for info Processor: Hash House Terpene Profile: Unknown

Peach Pie Rosin Review

peach pie rosin by hash house hash review by cali_bud_reviews The jar opens up to a thick chunky island of sturdy golden brown rosin. Its a touch to stable & internally dry to fully whip, but the surface is moist with a self absorbing gooey-ness thats prime for packing into a Patty, creating the top sends terp juices to the doughy surface. Towards the end the color lightens to a dirty-beige honey color. It retains its moisture surprisingly well in the areated Patty, considering it was to stable to fully whip. The nose is peach fuzz & Grape Pie Dom, that savory-sweet cranberry sauce delivery of the grape jam terps are easily identifiable, w/ its doughy dinner roll funk, sour chem-diesel, & hazey herbal peppery spices. It has some hearty earth & light pine terps, blending with a some slightly gassy kush notes. The sweet peachy citrusy candy overtone blends into the cranberry-grape with a pinch of pungent haze, & lemon zests. The nose volume was pretty loud initially but toward the finale it quieted. The Vapor was really enjoyable in comparison to the budget ticket, it translated the cranberry-grape jam & pie crust heavily on the mouth, while the doughy funk and that gassy chem diesel comes out full force with the kush & herbal spices in the inhale/exhale. The peach notes are a strong overtone throughout all stages, blending into the cranberry grape jam & pie crust terps perfectly. The Vapor tasted pretty clean, & mostly smooth with minimal roughness around the edges- but again, the rosin burns dark-ish with fair amounts of residual residue- but imo the vapors performance counts more then its visuals, especially when intentionally selecting ‘budget-fire’ rosin where that’s expected. The effects have a slight uplifted onset, but it’s mostly euphoric Stoney relaxation of medium strength for 2.5 hours. Overall: 8.9/10 A1 bang for buck. I liked this one’s terp profile better than the purple Nepals, but their performances were about the same- which out performed their ticket points greatly via @macknterpz Possible Genetics: There a few possibilities for the genetics on this wash. The most likely candidate imo is the (GRAPE PIE X PEACH ZKITTLEZ X WEDDING CRASHER) by insa / @bloomseedco – due to the hardcore grape pie terps with the peachy backing. But another commonly known cross for peach pie is @_greenfiregenetics version which is (rainbow pie x dozizoz) which could potentially have similar terps through genetic expression but I would expect a lot more of a zkittlez profile from that cross. And then the least likely candidate is peach ringz x georgia pie, which could maybe explain the peach terps but the Georgia pie doesn’t explain the grape pie dominance as they are not related. So my best guess the grape pie, peach z, wedding crasher cross which according to insa dispensary’s is a bloom seed of genetic NFSOT! Reviews for 21+ MMJP only ! #calibudreviews #hashhouse #peachpie peach pie rosin by hash house hash review by cali_bud_reviews 2.jpg
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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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