Hash Review: Zkittlez Rosin by NorCal Organix x West Coast Alchemy

Zkittlez @ganixofficial @wheezy__tee

Grower: NorCal Organix

Processor: West Coast Alchemy

Terpene Profile: Unknown

NorCal Organix x WCA Zkittlez Rosin Review

zkittlez rosin by norcal organix x west coast alchemy hash review by cali_bud_reviews

The appeal is pretty gnarly, with a thick rosin (F.O.T.F 🧊) that’s HELLA wet with an insane amount of terp juices. The rosin has light honey color, with clear shining, & dark-caramel terp sauces gathered up in ridiculously large slimey pools in the corner pockets of the jar. Working the sauce into the rosin (while warming up) brings it damn near to a rosin sauce, extremely viscous, even for a zkittlez. I generally like more stable rosins, but this one was quite attractive with the heavy layers of terp syrup, the rosin is super wet but does have a thickness when whipped, that develops into classic wca goopy rosin, but is too viscous to pack into a patty, an attempt to gather a centered mass instantly melts & does a landslide (unless I cheat with a fridge). Leaving the jar out longterm causes the thick rosin & thin terps to separate almost half/half in the jar. The scoop starts with thick taffy stretch, & has a long saucy drip hanging off the tool. The terps are citrus dom classic zkittlez, fairly loud with gases. The z profile leans heavily to the sugary-chalky grapefruit aqua-chlorine lemon cleaner candy fuel with a floral sweetness, this cut has a slight bit of the savory sweetNSour honey backing behind the citrus candy & fuel. It has minor levels of doughy musky terps, & is more lemon lime candy based with a super tangy orange citrus terp. The pine pungent freezer burn fuel hides behind some of the purple floral/fruit terps. The nose was right in the middle of how I like my Z- but it’s the vapor flavor that stands out from most Z profiles, as the tangy orange citrus & tacky sappy pinementhol are heavy & Combine with the sugary chalky grapefruit lime candy & Aqua chlorine lemon cleaner fuel that adds a sweet tangy carbonation that lightly blends with the grape lavender florals, adding a Zoapy touch to the tangy cheesy citrus sweet Zkittlez. The burnt skunky gas & pinementh pungency adds to the expando lung nicely while only adding a tiny pinch of throat burn, but don’t get it twisted, this rosin is smooth, clean, gassy, & tasty from start 2 finish.

Overall: 9.42/10
While this zkittles rosins appeal was highly enticing, the terp profile is slightly different then a lot of Zs, with some herbal spices and menthol for secret undertones that come out in the vapor, with the orange citrus making more of an appearance than it usually does. It’s definitely got that sweet fruity sugar terps, but the undertones shape it up differently, especially in Vapor flavor. The effects of this jar are toasty, nice headband pressure has the eye lids dropping low. The mind is focused, but has a nice hazy background bake. The body is calmed and relaxed, but the chest does have a pressure that sort of gives some energy, as the buzz progresses the heavier side becomes more apparent, as it usually does for me with zkittlez, shifting into a couch lock over time. This one has medium strong effects, and lasts about 3 hours from a small dab. The bests parts of this jar were the appeals terp syrup, & just having a little variety in flavors to the usual zkittles base was a nice change of pace. The Vapor definitely had a unique ‘silvery’ menthol herbal pungency that was partially spicy. Almost like a small touch of ocimene to the profile. This jar scores above a 9 with great quality, & is worth the ticket easily. However I did prefer the water boy z & playbook genetics z more then this one overall, but this jar was definitely satisfying, and high quality, shout out to @aslowz for making this 8 part WCA series possible! @wheezy__tee @ganixofficial

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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram (www.instagram.com/cali_bud_reviews) and YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDx2wiI-UdUUahelnk9SPXQ)!

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