Pre-roll Review: Cypress OG Preroll by Amplified Farms

This is my first time getting to try the Cypress OG in a preroll form. This sample was provided by Amplified Farms.

Lineage/Genetics: OG Kush

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Amplified Farms

Terpene Profile: Beta Caryophyllene Dominant


Amplified Farms Cypress OG Pre-roll Review

Amplified Farms does their prerolls using Elements. That’s a ++ in my book. I like rice paper – my lungs like rice paper – and there’s no reason to expect that yours won’t.

For those that don’t know, Cypress OG is Amplified Farms’ OG Kush and it’s really from back in the day.

The taste is gassy and lemony and classic. A good combo in my book.

The grind on the flower in the preroll is fine but it’s painstakingly obvious after sifting through it that it’s all bud and not trim.

There’s no way I could finish one of these in one sitting. Best shared with a friend!

The high was a little different then expected. It hit the head way more than the body – or at least that’s how I felt it and I was quite in there for a bit. Notably these prerolls tested with more Beta-Caryophyllene than Myrcene unlike the previous batch of Cypress OG flower I tried.

If you see one of these, definitely grab a few for your headstash. Crowd pleaser, concert companion, dog walking companion, whatever you want to make it – the Cypress OG preroll will accomodate.

Stay tuned there will be infused Amplified Farms pre-roll reviews coming up once I can find someone to smoke ’em with.

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