Strain Review: 99 Problems Flower by GrowHealthy

@growhealthyflorida always has some of the best flower on the Florida medical cannabis market. 99 problems was one of my first legal strains to try and is still one of my favorites mainly because for me, it’s a sativa that doesn’t give me anxiety, although I have anxiety disorders.

Lineage: White 99 x Stardawg

Original Breeder: GrowHealthy

Grower: GrowHealthy

99 Problems Strain Review

A lot of pinene in this one much like their white 99 which is also great. Good for cleaning the house or reading a book. Pairs well with coffee to start a productive day.

Also, when I’m judging the “effects” of a certain strain, it’s purely subjective. Yes, I can tell you if it’s more in the head or body but, everyone’s endocannabinoid is different. A relaxing strain for me could send someone off the walls. That being said; pain, anxiety, and depression relief & euphoria & sedation can all be measured depending on strain but again, everyone reacts differently, especially unseasoned smokers.

Thc: 22%

Taste: 7/10
Effects: 9/10
Nose: 9/10

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