Strain Review: Apple Fritter from Herbalize Tenerife

APPLE FRITTER – Sour Apple x Animal Cookies – bred by @lumpysflowers and cultivated in Los Angeles, California by @wizard_trees – @deofarms

Lineage/Genetics: Sour Apple x Animal Cookies

Original Breeder: Lumpy’s Flowers

Grower: Wizard Trees

Dispensary: Herbalize Tenerife

Herbalize Tenerife Apple Fritter Strain Review

I was excited to see this on the menu today @herbalize__tenerife

Apple fritter known for making the @hightimesmagazine World’s Strongest Strains List and I was not disappointed. Another level of terps all together.

10/10 for looks. Super dense and compact, pebble like nuggets, with a vast range of contrasting colours from emerald to lime greens, to deep violets and purples. The orange hairs and the thick covering of creamy caramel coloured trichomes make this a very special looking bud that just screams smoke me.

The smell the bud gives out initially are very crisp and sweet like sour apple candy, however this sharp apple candy aroma dies down and takes a back seat to the slightly earthy, fresh pine like tones when the bud is ground. My mouth is watering just from the smells of the bud I can’t wait to grind it up and burn a bowl.

What it says on the tin. Super sweet and intense apple sour flavours engulfed my taste buds instantly, making me drool down the stem of the bong. This seemed to become more sour on the exhale. Once I cleared my lungs the sour apple terps blended with sweet slightly vanilla like cookies flavours on my breath giving me the true apple and pastry aftertastes. The cookies flavours got stronger with a gentle cough to clear my throat. This one really is a 10/10 for flavour and will take some beating for me. It takes a good 5 – 10 mins to experience the full flavour profile after a hit and you really do get the full experience with this strain.

The intense sweet and sour terps together with the super dense trichome coverage make for an extremely smooth and flavoursome hit. This is not a super strong indica more a balanced 50/50 and left me calm, clear minded and focused for the day. Perfect uplifting and refreshing daytime smoke and got me in a zone to write this review!

Thanks to @herbalize__tenerife for this one I’ve thoroughly enjoyed smoking this strain. Had to get back this morning for more.

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Check out more reviews by @the_originalcannaseur on Instagram! (

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