Strain Review: Marmalade by Lady Sativa Genetics

MARMALADE – by @ladysativagenetic and Cultivated by in Tenerife by @lambsbreadsotanicalstfs ..

Lineage/Genetics: Exodus Cheese x ODV3

Original Breeder: Lady Sativa Genetics

Grower: Lamb’s Bread Farms

Dispensary: BDL Plug

Marmalade Strain Review

Chunky and solid, super dense, minty green nuggets with long, twisting amber pistils. The whole bud is absolutely laced with sticky resiny trichomes that give off a super pungent stench.

At first glance the Exodus Cheese in the genetics is very distinguishable however when the bud is cracked the super strong cheese flavours blend and seem to be slightly overpowered with diesel terps and slight citrusy orange terps. This is an amazing terpene profile and the best traits from both parent strains are present at first glance.

The smoke is super clean and milky on my toungue, instantly giving me strong, diesel flavours at the back of my throat. Then on the exhale the Orange terps come through with cheese in the mix and diesel. It’s like a journey through this strains family tree on my taste buds to be quite honest. The gassy diesel after breaths and cheesy tastes on my tongue make it one of my top strains in of 2020.

The hard hitting and the heavy full body relaxing effects set in quick and seemed to get heavier and heavier as time went by. This is an extremely potent night time smoke and you won’t get much done after a hit.

Thanks to @bdlxtheplug and @lambsbreadsotanicalstfs for this absolute belter of a strain. I can’t wait to see what’s next from @ladysativagenetics – the Killamanjaro and the Zhit are going to be something else.

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