Strain Review: Gelato Sorbet by DNA Genetics

GELATO SORBET – Gelato #33 (Larry Bird) x Sorbet – Bred by @dna_genetics and grown locally in Tenerife

Lineage/Genetics: Gelato #33 (Larry Bird) x Sorbet

Original Breeder: DNA Genetics

Club: Tenekief

Gelato Sorbet Strain Review

The Pebble like nuggets are small, dense and compact with no protruding leaves, With colours ranging from darker greens to deep purple hues at the tips of the buds surface. The buds look like they have been sand blasted with tiny shining white trichomes.

As soon as I open the bag, the super strong, sweet, Gelato 33 aroma fill the room. Not so much sorbet thought, This is a gelato 33 dominant pheno for sure. When the bud is broken apart the sweet sherbety desert like aroma of gelato 33 gets more and more creamy as the cookies in the genetics start to show itself.

The smoke is thick and creamy and super sweet. Instantly the sweet and smooth, uplifting gelato flavours coated my pallet instantly and these flavours seemed to intensify on the exhale and become more cookie like with hints of creamy vanilla and cookies on my breath.

The effects were a nice and balanced high starting off with an uplifting head high that slowly mellowed to become more and more sedative as I relaxed into the chair and as the night went on I found myself raiding the munchie cupboard due to the strains appetite enhancing effects. The giggles were next and I noticed a lot of pressure surrounding my eye.

Massive thanks to @tenekief for this one it’s always good to see some good, potent gelato 33 terps in a strain and the new club is sick.

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