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Strain Review: Brain Food by Joke’s Up x Seven Leaves

The Brain Food strain 🧠🥘 Lineage/Genetics: Unknown Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: JOKES UP x Seven Leaves

Brain Food Strain Review

brain food by seven leaves strain review by qsexoticreviews 210/10 This collab between jokesup and 7Leaves is some presssssuuuurrrreee. Super gassy tree just up my alley with a lovely gummy smell and taste. Nugs aren’t super dense more on the fresh soft side that breaks down like moon sand 🔥 some nugs are more colorful then others but it makes no difference on how they smoke lol. Overall this is some tasty weed that will have you on your ass and have people asking “what’s that it smells so good…” 🤣💯  
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Check out more reviews by @qsexoticreviews on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/qsexoticreviews)

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Check out more reviews by @qsexoticreviews on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/qsexoticreviews)

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