Strain Review: California Black Roze #2 by 710 Labs

California Black Roze no.2 🥀 strain

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: 710 Labs @710labs

Terpene Profile: Unknown

California Black Roze #2 Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

california black roze #2 by 710 labs strain review by wl_official619NOSE:creamy, savory, citrus with a noticeable gassy layer👃🏼

DRY PULL: sweet pixie dust with earthy citrus terps on the lips 👄 citrus like a zesty orange peel 🍊

STRUCTURE: clay formation structure with an overwhelming exotic color scheme. Two tone bright to dark green creates a base for flourishing orange hairs that are abundant & electric⚡️ purp patterns scattered throughout. defined calyx and strong colas throughout each nug. A natural trichome layer that showed off spots of concentration adding a shimmer to its glare in the light🔥 the grind was exceptional and rolled perfectly in a joint💨

TASTE PROFILE: bright fruit & skittles candy terps encompass your palate, develop, and allow for a complex exhale💨 A savory citrus exhale is supported by a smooth underlying gassy layer. Not too overwhelming, it’s smoke develops on the exhale and is just sweet enough to have you craving your next hit. As resin builds, flavor becomes robust, floral, and a strong gassy layer takes front seat 🚘

EFFECTS/DURATION: Instant mental melt🤯 A creative calmness comes over as minor euphoria begins to stimulate. A heavy head with a feather weight body effect. Moderate body buzzing effect becomes more noticeable at peak high. Overly relaxed gives way to a cool & go with flow energy 😎
35+ min PEAK high ⏰

GRADE: 9/10🏅


I care about what YOU smoke‼️Let me know what your rollin up!!


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Check out more reviews by @wl_official619 on Instagram! (

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