Cultivar Review: Red Pop Runtz from Terpz n Hunnitz

Red Pop Runtz – @terpz_hunnitz617

Nose: Tart, tangy, citrus, fruity, skunky, floral, piney, oak
Inhale: Fruity, dark berries, sour, tart, tangy, butane/gassy, sweet
Exhale: Citrus, linen, woody, sweet, fruity, tangy, tart, sour

Lineage/Genetics 🧬: Red Pop x Runtz

Originally Bred by: Exotic Genetix

Cultivated by: Undisclosed

Brand: Terpz n Hunnitz

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Red Pop Runtz Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

red pop runtz from terpz n hunnitz strain review by toptierterpsma 2Hey what’s up everyone? I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas, taking the holiday spirit in, as well as taking the time to spend with friends and family. Today, I have a returning member of the page who is none other than Terpz n Hunnitz. After having a few good chats in the DMs since the last time around, he swung by recently to bless me with some Red Pop Runtz and S’mores. For this review, I will be diving into the Red Pop Runtz which I don’t believe I had previously tried prior to receiving this. Originally bred by Exotic Mike, this cultivar is a Runtz hybrid as this one crosses Red Pop with the highly touted Runtz strain. I don’t have too much to detail in the opening ahead of time, however, I was anxious to give this a try as I typically am when I receive something new. If you are looking for some background info on Terpz n Hunnitz I would encourage you to visit one of the earlier reviews I did on him. Let’s waste no more time and get into the facts!

The Red Pop Runtz was presented in a standard, square mylar bag upon receiving it. This is typically the type of packaging you’ll receive when getting a particular cultivar from Terpz n Hunnitz. The display on front consisted mainly of a pinkish red and black colorway. Personally, I was underwhelmed by the cover art although it had some creativeness to it. It featured an astronaut on a skateboard with Red Pop fuel coming out its exhaust pipe. Additionally, there were three cherry lollipops with Saturn rings on them amongst this picture. I also must point out that the texture of this print felt a little more rugged/durable than that on the S’mores. Overall, the package was pretty straightforward in its pitch on the Red Pop Runtz.

When I went to open the seal on the Mylar bag holding the Red Pop Runtz, I saw a collection of medium to larger sized that made the quarter look smaller than it actually was. The first impressions on the aroma coming out of the bag was a bitter, tart collection of blood orange and fruit punch. It was clear to me up front that the Red Pop within the lineage was on full display. After a few seconds of smelling inside the bag I obtained a skunky overtone that reeked of rotten fruit. Proceeding to take the nugs out of the bag, they felt smooth and bald in texture but heavy in weight. Moderate in appearance, each nug looked as if it had been dumped in baby powder. I caught lighter green, amber yellow, and violet hues amongst the surface of each one although the trio of these blended together messily. As I mentioned, this cultivar consisted of a heavy dusting of white trichromes as well as some amber ones in the mix. Although the bright orange pistils the nugs contained looks compressed in when looking in person, they came out pretty decently in photos. Breaking into a couple of them I laid hands on the smooth outter surface that eventually led to a tougher, more durable interior.

While this managed to scatter tiny kief particles when breaking into the buds, I noticed the guts on each one had a hollow stickiness to them. After doing so, notes of rancid fruit remained whereas this stage gave off a strange passionfruit aroma when examining closely. Despite a little struggle when initially breaking into the nugs I still found it feasible for this cultivar to be broken down by hand. However, you may want to completely avoid using the grinder as I realized it was actually taking away from the overall output. Once grounded down, the smell started to lessen compare to previous stages as I caught notes of oak and linen present at this time. The dry pull on the joint gave me fruity hints of blood orange as well as a similar fruit punch taste that was discoverable within the nose of this cultivar.

When I sparked the Red Pop Runtz in an Element Paper, the first handful of pulls were rather subtle in strength. Still, I honed in on a variety of fruit-like tastes including cherries, strawberries and even cranberries. From early on in the sesh the taste on the joint emulated the “Red Pop” within the name of this particular cultivar. On the way out, the exhale lingered sweet notes of citrus carrying through a mustier back end that left the back of my mouth stained with a faint fruit punch taste. As I moved in about a quarter into the sesh, the gassiness didn’t seem to pick up all that much. Some of the heavier pulls I did manage to get resonated a unique cherry z terp taste. To me, this felt like a perfect mix of subtle candy notes from the Runtz in the lineage while still holding that sappy, cherry taste from the Red Pop. This is one of those cultivars, once a little ways in, where you start to note a heavy aroma of cherries and skunk in the air. My fiancé pointed this out the first time smoking it and wasn’t the biggest fan LOL. Nonetheless, as I crawled closer towards the halfway point in the sesh, I didn’t discover too many changes in flavor as this remained tart and fruity. The burn on the joint was underwhelming although it produced a completely bone white ash that was sturdy on the joint but fluffy in texture.

Beginning early on, the joint seemed as if it was getting more and more caked up with oily residue making some pulls tougher than others. The terp ring was rather mild even though it did get a bit sweaty. Moving deeper into the sesh I still felt as if this cultivar lacked in potency. Whereas some of the thicker pulls brought on sour cherries as well as other tangy fruity notes, there were still some instances where the overall pressure lacked. Over the course of the second half of the sesh this cultivar started to lose its “Z” appeal. The pulls, for the most part, became sour, tangier and just bitter in general. The fruit punch taste still lingered but, personally, I think towards the end all I could taste is bitter cherries due to how much this would get clogged with resin. There were some cases where the joint wouldn’t stay lit which became a nuisance. All in all, the terp profile was all there, however, I think the smokability of this one is definitely something could get better over time with some dialing. For that reason, I thought this was an OK smoke but not my favorite by any stretch of the imagination.

The onset of medicinal effects provided courtesy of the Red Pop Runtz began with heavy sedation throughout my upper body within the first 20-25 minutes. This sensation slowly, but quickly, trickled through my upper back, shoulders and down my arms. My intuitiveness increased as well when I noticed myself questioning things that I felt were out of place. The overall effects were quite balanced within the first half hour. The calmness created within my muscles paralleled with an alertness of my surroundings. This is one of those cultivars that, after smoking, the noises of certain things around me personified and seemed louder than it actually was. Despite being relatively cheerful, the medicinal effects sunk me into a mild paranoia over the course of the next half hour. Within an hour into the initial onset, I felt fully sedated throughout my entire body, experiencing complete relief within my muscles and joints. Over the course of time, the paranoia wore off but my acute perception remained intact all the way through.

In addition to that, this one was rather easy to become social on making conversations intriguing. This is one of the main reasons I tended to enjoy this cultivar during the day. Not that I was opposed to nighttime use, however, the overall mood just seemed to fit better when seshing this in the afternoon. When it was all said and done, the medicinal effects last just a little over an hour and half. Truthfully, the medicinal effects the Red Pop Runtz exhibited certainly was met with more favoritism than the smokability of it.

After having a chance to try the Red Pop Runtz assisted by Terpz n Hunnitz, I thought it wasn’t as impressionable as some of the previous offerings I received from him. Starting off with some big potential, the nose on the Red Pop Runtz is exactly what you would expect. Sweet, tangy, fruity with a little bit of a sugar that get that got the nostrils going before this was out of the bag. The appearance on the nugs was OK but still favorable to the point where you’re going to want to try this one based on looks. However, I think the smokability on this one is where it fell flat a bit. Personally, the potency this brought on wasn’t quite full there. In addition to this, some pulls became unmanageable due to the heavy layers of oil and resin that caked up the joint. The terp profile somewhat made up for this although it was tough because this was also effected by what was mentioned above. Nonetheless, I thought this cultivar did bring about a positive experience when it came to the medicinal effects it provided. Personally, I felt like this was more of a daytime leaning smoke, however, if you are someone who is into balanced effects (between the mind and body) this one should suit you right. Especially if you are looking for something that gives you both muscle relief while providing a creative spark mentally. I wanted to take the time to thank Terpz n Hunnitz for reaching out and getting me this and the S’mores for review. I should have the S’mores up sometime later this week. Once again, happy holidays to everyone out there and stay safe out on the roads.

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