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Strain Review: Candy Cake #29 by Jungle Boys

Candy cake #29 @jungleboys review Lineage/Genetics: Zkittlez Cake x Jungle Cake Original Breeder/Grower: Jungle Boys Terpene Profile: Unknown

Candy Cake #29 Strain Review

Thc: 29.16144% cbd: 0.08232% Canna: 34.95513% Cultivation: 6/14/21 packaged: 6/28/22 Intro- so I am not a jungle boys fan. They are overpriced and there quality fell off from what they once were. Also all 3 bags I’ve had have been short, and no smell mostly. This candy cake was the best of the 3 so I’ll review it. Weight check – 75/100 3.47 supposed to be 3.5 (3shorts in a row) (swipe last video) Aroma- 83/100 slightly cakey, like a vanilla frosting scent. But leans sweet-cakey from the skittles genetics. Musky but sweet. Lil gassy. Smells a bit like hay from being old. (Aftergrind strong dank skunky sweet skittles) Appeal- 83/100 one big cola and 2 norms, strictly green, light green to dark green, with white-yellow trichs some have bulbs others look like hairs. Dry from being old. Small orange hairs tight to the nug are hard to see. Hairs Blends with trichomes. Smoke and taste- 80/100 clean burn. Mosty white ash. Taste was dank cannabis but nothing to distinguishable, slight sweet cake.. could be from it being old. Effect- 92/100 actually I really enjoyed the effects from this strain. Had me snoozing on myself. Perfect for sleep problems or pain. Potency 92/100 hit fast, and held for a long time, effect and potency were the highlight of the strain. If fresh maybe scores and results would be better but everywhere has this old batch it seems. Overall 82/100. It’s alright but old, and it was short. A fresh batch dialed in with proper qc could be prime but I’m def giving it a break for a while maybe if I see a fresh batch I’ll try one last time. Compare 2 : @camincali_ @camstr007 @kushco3 @cannabiotix @connected.california @710labs @fresh_baked__ Nothing is for sale! PHOTOGRAPHY AND REVIEWS ONLY!! #420 #710 #cannabis #cannabisreview #cannabiscup #cannabiscommunity #ᴡᴇᴇᴅᴘᴏʀɴ #sandiegoweed #sandiego420 #californiaweed #calibudreviews #californiacannabis #kush #indica #sativa #growyourown #weed420 #hash #socal420 #weed #ᴡᴇᴇᴅᴀʀᴛ #cbxlife #710labs #weedstagram #medicalmarijuanna #jungleboys #candycake #junglecake #zkittlescake #playingwithfire
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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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