Strain Review: Perfect OG by Los Angeles Farmers

Strain: Perfect OG
Who: @jungleboys

Lineage/Genetics: Legend OG x TK91

Indica or Sativa: Indica

Original Breeder: Jungle Boys

Grower: Los Angeles Farmers

Dispensary: TLC Collective

Perfect OG Strain Review

Stats: 23.03% THC – .05% CBD

Aroma: Pine, Grass, Bromine.
Taste: Classic OG taste, bright & fresh.
Feeling: Relaxed, Focused, Happy.

Overall: While not exactly perfection, this is a solid OG strain and delivers exactly what you would expect without any surprises. I believe the Legend OG flavor comes through the most, with it’s soft, fluffy taste that reminds me of the strain, The White. I’ve had better, but I’ve had much, much worse.

The Fire Scale: 7/10 flame-hummers

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