Strain Review: Crushmallow Z by 12 Alarm Fire x Teds Budz

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Lineage/Genetics🧬: Marshmallow OG [JET Fuel Gelato x (Chem D x Triangle Kush)] x Lemon Cherry Gelato

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: 12 Alarm Fire

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Crushmallow Z Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

crushmallowz by 12 alarm fire x teds budz strain review by phenoreviews 2

Pckg: 12/22/22
THC: 35% CBD: 0.296%
This one was a pick right at the dispo with other selections so didn’t have time to do much research on it prior to purchase, but from the bag and details I saw it looked intriguing.
The taste on inhale was a combination of a slight fruity fuel mixed with undertones of skunky funk and gassy goodness, giving off strong white runtz feels and taste with a bit more to add to the layered flavors. Good pressure😤😤, clean and smooth smoke💨💨. The exhale was more of a mix of a candy gushers strain ….nice fuely kick with equal notes of subtle sweet, slight sour tart mixed with a kick of more fruity and candy terps covering taste buds.
The head high was immediate, with onset heavy eyes and slight Templar numbness and head change. Good euphoria but even better Stoney vibes, slight to low focus with little to no haze and slight couch lock depending on amount consumed.
Happy/joyous, creative and anti depressant cerebral properties.
The body high was moderate as well, very complementary to the head high but with slightly more relaxing and tranquil vibes. Anti anxiety, calming and relaxation properties present.
Taste: 9.25+ High: 9.25-9.5
This was a good pick up for being a complete blind choice almost. Great afternoon strain with nice elements throughout. Definitely has room for improvement and to get dialed in a bit more. Would’ve gotten the A1+ but high was strong but not long lasting and cleanliness on nutrients of flower would make it easily an A1+.

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Haters need to get help 💚🔥and flowers need to get reviewed🫡🤩 The Floracle #cantstopwontstop #pickiestofthestickiest #treatyourselfdontcheatyourself

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