Strain Review: Director’s Cut by Crown OG

Brand- @crown.og

Strain- Directors Cut

Lineage/Genetics: Larry OG x Crown OG

Original Breeder: Crown OG

Grower: Crown OG

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Director’s Cut Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Background: Crown Genetics is a company and brand who have been around for a while & during the pre ico days as well. You can expect some nice and amazing products from this company, they have a range of Strains along with other brands which you might have seen even on my page The Reup,Dabwoods Rechargeable Vapes, Zips, And those Pause Play Boxes. And yes I have review most of those products so I can honestly say they are a great company.

Genetics: Larry OG x Crown OG

Appearance: Greenish hues with some nice orange hairs and with those trichomes just shinning lightly when you put the light on it.

Aroma: Two OG’s combine so you can expect the gassy, pungent and diesel aroma that reeks from those OG’s and even then you feel faded after smelling them. Any Old School smoker will know what this is like.

The Smoking Experience: This is not recommend for beginners as the levels of the OG might be a bit overwhelming, but experience smokers will feel the following of heavy feeling to the lungs and the feeling of heavyness and feeling a bit hot through the body and till the feeling is at your head and your eyes and your out of the world feeling hits with the couch locked mode activated, so yeah if your experience you can go through out the day for the non experience expect to have your day feel off.

Stats: Indica (Flower).

Total THC: 31.84%

Total CBD: 0.289%

Total Active Cannabinoids: 33.572%

Price- Ranges up to Sixty Dollars



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