Strain Review: Forbidden Fruit by Pacific Stone

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Today I will be discussing @pacificstone_brand’s FORBIDDEN FRUIT.

As per usual, got it at my shop @therootsdispensary.

Lineage/Genetics: Tangie and Cherry Pie

Original Breeder: Chameleon Seeds

Grower: Pacific Stone

Dispensary: The Roots Dispensary

Forbidden Fruit Strain Review

forbidden fruit by pacific stone strain review by hall.of.flamezAs soon as you rip open the bag, the pungent smell of fresh fruits wafts into your nostrils, almost overwhelming them. A cacophony of grapefruit, guava, oranges, and berries immediately flood your sense of smell and makes your mouth water. The smell translates beautifully to the taste, with the terps lingering in your mouth long after you take your hit.
The look is as diverse as its smell: dark purple hues molted with vivid green, lined with vibrant orange pistils. Beautiful, dense nug structure with moderate amount of give and very little stickiness. Grinded up beautifully and revealed velvety purps and beautiful greens.
The only draw back is its low potency. At 11% THC, this will probably not produce the heavy sedative or euphoric effects heavier-testing cultivars will. However, the terpene profile on Forbidfen Fruit is so robust that it will provide a nice, solid high even for the seasoned cannabis veteran. Don’t let the THC percentage dissuade you from trying this otherwise phenomenal strain!
Fire Factor: 8.4/10 (combination of smell & taste)
Price point: 8/10 (A good bang for your buck)
Aesthetics: 9/10 (gorgeous nugs, beautiful structure and color)
Medicated Meter: 4/10 (a nice, mellow high)

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