Strain Review: Kush Cookies by 3C Farms (Coast to Coast Cannabis)

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Today I will be talking about Kush Cookies from @3c.farms. @therootsdispensary is the one and only place you can find this cultivar on the central coast, so obvious s/o to them for the hookup!

Lineage/Genetics: Thin Mints x Illuminati OG

Original Breeder: 3C Farms

Grower: 3C Farms (Coast to Coast Cannabis)

Dispensary: The Roots Dispensary

Kush Cookies Strain Review

kush cookies by 3c farms strain review by hall.of.flamez 23C Farms (aka Coast to Coast Cannabis) has been a personal favorite of mine since I first tried their Club 33 OG last September. After reviewing a good amount of their flower portfolio, I am thoroughly impressed and satisfied with their breadth of genetics and masterful cultivation. I have not been disappointed by any of their products, and Kush Cookies is not an exception.
This cultivar is a great cross between Thin Mints and Illuminati OG, with nugs structured conically and featuring calyxes absolutely frosted in trichomes. Slight hints of the near-black sugar leaves stick out towards the bottom of the nug, which becomes more evident once the nug is broken down.
I have smoked this both out of a water pipe and a joint, finding that it burned smooth and consistently both ways. The gassy flavor was true to its OG lineage and also featured an interesting spicy aftertaste reminiscent of freshly ground black peppercorn. The high was pretty immediate and absolute, feeling a change of state almost immediately upon exhale. The high creeps up slightly from there, slowly working its way down from one’s head, slowly enveloping the body in a sedative bliss. Kush Cookies definitely makes for a great night time smoke and will leave you feeling well-rested the next morning.
Fire Factor (smell and taste): 8.2/10
Price point: 7/10 (A moderately priced top-shelf eighth, definitely getting your money’s worth)
Aesthetics: 8/10 (nugs glisten in trichomes, beautiful structure and color)
Medicated Meter: 8/10 (great sedative bliss lasting a few hours after consumption)
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Check out more reviews by @hall.of.flamez on Instagram! (

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