Strain Review: Fresh Baked #76 by Ogen

🥐 Freshly Baked #76 by Ogen

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Ogen

Dispensary: Ontario Cannabis Store

Freshly Baked #76 Strain Review

freshly baked #76 strain review by ogen 2With internal genetics, the lineage is a mystery. Ogen does tell us that it “finds its roots in the cake family”, and its unmistakable as soon as you pop the top. It has that gassy note rounded out by the cookie dough sweetness recognizable in strains like Ice Cream Cake and more traditional Girl Scout Cookies phenos ⛽🍩. The dank is real and not one you want to open on the bus (that old lady’s judgemental glare will pierce you from the blue seats).

The rest of the bag appeal was also top notch.. other than the trim. One large nug made up about half my hq with the rest comprised of three. The bud structure varied from rock hard to airy, but because it was so fresh it was squishy throughout. It ground beautifully and is good to go out the container, without the need for a boveda, for even the most finicky joint roller. However, this was all hidden behind a horrible trim 😤. Even if this was priced in the value category I would be disappointed. Huge sugar leaves, though somewhat frosty, do not belong in my bud.

Now to the high. Testing at 25%, this stuff hits 🤯. From the first you will feel the punch of the high THC amplified by the also high levels of caryophylene from those cakey genetics. At the same time this is giving you an intense pressure behind the eyes and a pleasant incapacitation, you will start to feel the uplift this pheno was selected for. Motivation is high and anxieties are nonexistent, though the ability to do much with either is almost nil. This is the perfect bud to pass around and just guffaw and giggle 🤪.

Overall Ogen’s Freshly Baked is definitely going to be a rebuy. It is not quite up enough to wake n bake, nor is it functional enough for work (or to even be productive in general). But for those same reasons you could not ask for a more fun bud on a day off. Whether its for the club’s post-pandy opening night, or belting along with a zoom concert this stuff can guarantee a good time. Taking cake flavours and making them up is a great piece of breeding, and between this and their new Bow Valley OG (OG Kush genetics bred to be up) I cannot wait to see what they bake up next! ⛽🍰💥💥💥

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