Strain Review: Frozen Bananas by Noble Farms

Frozen Bananas

Lineage/Genetics: (Cookies & Cream x Banana Punch #9)

Grown by: Noble Farms @noblefarmsor

Bred by: Symbiotic Genetics @_symbioticgenetics ✨

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Frozen Bananas Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Frozen Bananas has breathtaking bag appeal. The spear-shaped colas are jar-droppingly beautiful from their voluminous size, puffy/airy shape, and velvety texture. The nugs are neon green with heavy leafage that ranges from emerald green to a marvelous mauve on the tips of the leaves. Springy, cider-orange pistils wrap around the spears infrequently. Hefty trichomes with heads so big you can see them overlay across the entire surface of each nug 🤩

The nose on the Frozen Bananas is astonishing. The most prominent aroma on display is a ripe green banana scent that is fresh, precise, and fragrant. This cultivar epitomizes the banana profile to the point where I might actually think I was smelling fruit instead of flower if I was blindfolded. Under the banana, there is an airy and subtle layer of sweet cream with a tiny hint of spicy nuttiness. It’s smooth, grassy, and herbal when broken 🍌

The flavor on the Frozen Bananas translates perfectly from the smell, meaning it is absolutely delectable. Like the aroma, the taste is mainly green banana. The taste is light and airy with a smooth creaminess beneath. There is also a layer of unfiltered grassiness that’s seems to frame the profile, making it taste fresher. The taste is slightly sweet and seems to get sweeter as it burns down 🍌

Frozen Bananas has wonderful high on it. It starts as a nice, light high that seems to tickle the periphery of the perception in a borderline intangible manner, but the more I smoked, I felt the high wrap around me like a soft blanket that slowly became heavier and more tangible. Before I even realized it, I was couch locked. It smokes so perfectly and smoothly that I would equate smoking a joint of this to puffing lightly banana flavored oxygen 😶‍🌫️

Overall, the Frozen Bananas is an incredible flower. Everything about this strain is not only top-shelf – it’s unique. Between the puffy, pastel nugs, the insane banana terps, and a high that is deceivingly potent, this strain is wondrful. I’ve had a couple strains by Noble Farms, and this one is definitely my favorite so far 🔥

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