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Strain Review: Fidel’s Oreoz by Gas No Brakes

FIDELS OREOZ By @gasnobrakes777 x @fidelhydro Gifted via @24k_exotics Lineage/Genetics: Cookies and Cream x Secret Weapon Original Breeder: Fidel’s Genetics Grower: Gas No Brakes x Fidel’s Genetics Dispensary: 24k Exotics

Fidel’s Oreoz Strain Review

Big shoutout to 24k Exotics for swinging by and powering my weekend smoke. Today we are looking at Fidels cut of Oreoz, via Gas No Brakes. If y’all been following along you know I think pretty highly of this brand, their strains and products. Looks: The 3.5 consisted of three thumb-sized, rotund, beefy buds and some popcorn smalls. Visually, the main attraction on these Oreoz has to be the frosty, macaroon cream colored trichomes piled atop these nugs like a bountiful snowfall. The trich coverage honestly masks an otherwise gorgeous, patchwork quilt like exterior of lavender, pink taffy, and jade green, accented by vivid bronze pistil groupings. Nose: I found myself time and time again coming back to this Oreoz bag for another whiff. Equal parts heavy cream and perfumey candy with wafts of musky floral soap, citrus floor polish and a smooth Nutella undertone. Flavor: I found Oreoz’s smoke to lean much heavier into a creamy, cookie like palate much more so than some of the sugary notes detected within the aroma. Inhales are buttery and strongly nutty with a malty menthol-like coolness. The backend turns more herbal and peppery with a dark-chocolate coated, gassy finish. Effect: A hit of Oreoz is like a breath of fresh air upon a weary mind and body. The full effects honestly snuck up on me a bit, There’s an immediate, swirling sense of pressure sent straight to the head upon first inhale, but the full effects dig in more subtlety. Within 10-15 minutes, I found myself in an incredibly serene and spacey state, with a euphoric haze lingering over my every move. Muscles feel looser and the mind wanders aimlessly. I love how the body retains its functionality, but if you let it the relaxation can truly take over. #Budfinder ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ #dccannabis #dcweed #cannabisculture #marijuana #cannabiscures #strainfinder #thc #strainreviews #puffpuffpass #dopesmoke #topshelf #stoner #wakeandbake #whiteashonly #whiteashgang #i71 #flowersbyfidels #oreoz
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Check out more reviews by @budfinderdc on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/budfinderdc)

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