Strain Review: Galiano by Broken Coast Cannabis

Coffee and cannabis, perfect start to a Saturday ☕️ 🍃 This morning I’m having Galiano by

Lineage/Genetics: Northern lights #5 x Haze

Original Breeder: Sensi Seeds

Grower: Broken Coast

Galiano Strain Review

galiano by broken coast strain review by brandiisbaked 2This is a sativa dominate strain also known as Northern Lights Haze.

The buds are incredibly sticky, fluffy and coated in crystals.

I love the strong citrus smell and taste. Definitely a strain more for the day time, coming in at just over 18% with dominate terpenes limonene 🍋 and caryophyllene.

I use this strain if I’m going out to the farmers market, hanging out with friends or at a party etc.

It makes me feel alert, relaxed and social 🥳

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