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Strain Review: Garlic Brittle by Painted Flowerz

Garlic Brittle 🧄 Lineage/Genetics: [GMO X Candy Machine] Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: Painted Flowerz Terpene Profile: Unknown

Garlic Brittle Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

garlic brittle by painted flowerz strain review by dopaminePowered By: @paintedflowerz202 Cultivated By: @paintedflowerz202 Class: Medical [D.C.] Flavor Line: Self-Titled
“I don’t grow candy, I don’t grow for the hype smokers of the community. I grow for those who really need smoke to help them medicinally. That’s what I’m about.”
SMELL | FLAVOR: Opening this, I immediately liked what was coming from it. Funk, pungent, subtle hint of sweetness and a gas that smells like a Sharpie marker. Terpene wise this was interesting, and as you break it down the personality and funk become nose striking. As you break it down, and pearl it up to get a taste from it, you’ll notice those flavors transfer into a classic gmo and kush, really keeping tight with the core genetics here. THE HiGH: After the first few strikes I was taken back by the difference in smoke. The flower isn’t overly potent, but again it wasn’t grown for recreation but for pain. What surprised me is everything that was described about this strain was on point. Took away mental pain, physical pain and body sedation were steady, and even hit some of my problem areas in my head, back, and legs felt numb in a good way. Halfway through, you’ll notice the extra cannabinoids are working away on your mental, your body, and even your hunger as this promotes appetite which is a dope bonus. As you get up to the end, you’ll find yourself chilling in a space of tranquility. Nothing really bothers you here, and if you don’t have any pains to deal with it will definitely give you a buzz to carry. Dope’s THOUGHTS: I can really see the smoke difference, and I think this is going in the right direction. If I had any grievance it would be that the hit is a bit harsh in the draw, and that’s really it. Other than that, this was an honest flavor, terpene was true, and high lasted about 1 1/2 – 2 hours maximum. This gets a dope rating of 7/10 from me 💯 #DOPAMINE. . . . . . . . #cannabisreviews #cannareview #cannabiscontent #cannabisreviews #cannabisreviewermd #cannabiscontent #strainreview #weedmemes #weednft #cannabisdaily #cannabislife #cannabisphotography #cannabisindustry #cannabisgrow #cannabismedicinal #cannabislifestyle
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DOPE, THE REVIEWER! Now Featured on The Highest Critic ⭐️ Young Mogul 👺 DMV ‼️ Culture Artist & Cannabis Reviewer. Creator of // #DOPAMINE 🧠

One thought on “Strain Review: Garlic Brittle by Painted Flowerz

  • Painted flowerz

    Much appreciated I’m just trying to level the playing fields for wellness smokers it very important to love the plant and the plant will love us back -PaintedKB


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