Strain Review: Gas Face Peanut Butter by Flower Child Farms

Gas Face Peanut Butter (Genetics Unknown) From @toptier.premiumcannabis @flowerchild_farms @petrolexotics215

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Flower Child Farms

Gas Face Peanut Butter Strain Review

gas face peanut butter by flower child farms strain review by bigwhiteash 2Right out the bag I get a gasoline infused peanut butter/nutella scent which is absolutely room filling.

The taste is all peanut butter terps and straight gas, definitely one for the books.

The buds looked really pleasant and were cured very well as always from Top tier and Flower child.

The effects from the GFPB are quite sedative but don’t make you cloudy.

I would definitely recommend the strain for night time after a long day.

Even .5 will put you out!



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