Strain Review: GMO Bx1 by Space Farm

GMO (BX1) – GMO (@skunkmasterflex1 cut) Bx GSC Platinum
Cultivated in Spain by @space_farm_

Lineage/Genetics: GMO

Original Breeder: Skunk House Seeds

Grower: Space Farm

Club: Herbalize Tenerife

GMO Bx1 Strain Review

Back with another @spacefarm Strain review and this time it is the GMO(BX1). I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on these packs thanks to @herbalize__tenerife and I’ve not been let down yet. The strains @space_farm_ cultivate are always full of persistent flavour and this strain is no different, it really has been a pleasure to smoke.

The pack is full of particularly small very dense and compact, well trimmed little gems. These are clumped together due to the resinous nature of the buds. The buds have been manicured to perfection and are completely flushed, with a thick trichome coverage that has taken on a creamy caramel colour. Which gives the buds a unique finish and added bag appeal.

As soon as I opened the bag, the GMO terps jump out at me and put a huge smile on my face immediately! When I brought the bag to my nose and took a good whiff the GMO is predominant but also a subtle sweetness is defiantly present. On closer inspection the buds give out a deep, musky and earthy stench. The flavour profile quite literally smells like Garlic, Mushroom and Onions. When the buds are cracked a very slight sweetness can be found as the cookies in the genetics comes through, however this is outweighed massively by the gassy and loud GMO smell.

A nice smooth bong hit and the smoke was thick and white. The flavours initially are quite chemy and sour on the inhale. Then on the exhale the flavours blend and the the real potent and earthy GMO terps take over my taste buds. The gassy GSC after-breaths make an appearance and mix in well with the persistent GMO flavours and leave me with pleasurable and luxurious flavours on my pallet, that intensify each time I breath out for a good 10 minuets after a hit.

The high starting off with an uplifting and slightly euphoric bike ride home after a cheeky bong hit @herbalize . This happy and refreshing high slowly mellowed to become more and more calm and sedative as the night went on and as I smoked more obviously.

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Check out more reviews by @the_originalcannaseur on Instagram! (

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