Strain Review: ZMAC by Los Chicos


Lineage/Genetics: Zanzara 24 x MAC

Original Breeder: Los Chicos

Grower: Local Green Heroes

Dispensary: Herbalize Tenerife

ZMAC Strain Review

Finally its time to review this undeniably well bred ZMAC – bred by @l0s_chic0s and Cultivated by @localgreenheroes Moderately small, dense nuggets showing lighter, minty green and sage colours with long, wirey, rusted pistils. The buds shine bright under the light with a nice frosting of glistening, glassy trichomes.

Quite a subtle, floral aroma at first however when the bud is cracked a magnificent and saucy, orange flavour profile becomes present. It grinds up into a lovely, fluffy pile with a nice ratio of flower and kief.

The aromas when the bud is ground have a unique and uncommon saucy edge to it and the orange terps are pretty much all Ican pick up..

Nice clean bong hit and the ash in the bowl was nice and white when finished that’s always a good start.

The flavour was purely orange and the terps on my pallet seamed to intensify with my outward breaths. This is the perfect weed to turn your day or week around and the instantly mind refreshing and calming effects along with the orange terps and clean pleasurable high make it a great all rounder.

Perfect for creative work, socialising, de-stressing, movie nights, beach days or even just to help get you through a long stressful week.

Thanks @herbalize_tenerife again for the local fire.

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Check out more reviews by @the_originalcannaseur on Instagram! (

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