Strain Review: Gorillato by Tiki Toke Garden


Lineage/Genetics: Gorilla Glue #4 x Gelato 33

Original Breeder: Natural Genetics Seeds

Grower: Tiki Toke Garden

Dispensary: Goodlifetnf

Gorillato Strain Review

Breeder – @ngseeds_and_nursery

Grower – @tiki_toke_garden

Club – @_goodlifetene_2021

Finally I’m back with another flower review and this time I’ve been smoking some of this Gorillato from the brand new Good Life Tenerife.

Gorilla Glue, also known as GG4 was originally bred in the US by Josey Wales, now one of the co-founders of GG Strains. After losing his first crop of Original Glue to hermaphroditism, Joesy threw out all of his remaining seeds out of frustration. Luckily he’d previously passed some of the seeds to a friend, who grew a few plants of the strain later on and stabilized phenotype #4, which eventually went on to win a High Times Cup in 2014 and become Gorilla Glue, the strain so many of us love and treasure today.

Gelato #33, on the other hand, was bred in Northern California and is the product of a collaboration between the Cookie Fam and Mario Guzman, now the founder of @sherbinskis @sherbinski415 Ever since its creation, Gelato 33 has been used to create countless new hybrids, including Gelato Sorbet, Ice Cream Cake, and many more.

First off the looks are nice and the compact boulders have been manicured to perfection. Showing pale minty greens to slightly darker greens and have a very light almost white finish due to the mass of shiny trichomes and with orange pistils scattered throughout. Very nice bag appeal on this one mainly due to the heavy trichome coverage.

The aroma is at first very gassy and chemy instantly making me decide this is a GG4 dominant pheno however when the bud is cracked and ground some very slight sweet gelato flavours come through making for a very unusual but appealing profile.

This is very clean smoke and has clearly been grown with love and care by @tiki_toke_garden the clean flavours were as expected with a very pungent gassy inhale and then on the aftertaste some sweet gelato coming through only just.

The effects were very tranquil, however still kept me alert enough to get some things done and hold a sensible conversation. Perfect evening smoke with a very unique flavour and a nice relaxing high.

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