CBD Review: Broad Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil by Orti Castello

2000mg Broad Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil by @orticastello

Processor: Orti Castello

Orti Castello Hemp Oil Review

It’s finally time for my first ever CBD review. And today I will be sharing my opinion on this Broad Spectrum CBD Hemp oil by made in Italy by @orticastello.

First off top marks to the team @orticastello, I connected with these guys through Instagram about 2 months ago now and I am super impressed with 3 things:

1. Their Passion for growing
2. Their Expertise in organic extraction
3. Their Firm and educated views on the healing properties of cannabis.

So I received my oil with some extra goodies and even some CDB flower and the first thing I noticed is the simple yet really effective and 100% biodegradable outer packaging showing the attention to detail and the care these guys have for the our environment.

The Hemp flowers used to make this are grown using organic methods, with the aim of produce the highest quality of extract. I am by no means an expert when it comes to CBD extractions and oils but I can see clearly from their webpage that they are working with integrity and the quality and cleanliness of their finished product is paramount.

The taste of the oil is the only downside with a bitter, weedy taste to it but I can still taste some terpenes showing me signs that this is a good quality and full spectrum extraction.

I’ve been taking 2 drops under my Tongue now for 5 days and what I have noticed mostly so far is a huge improvement in the quality of my sleep and also my skin and hair feels brand new. When washing in the morning and evening especially my face just feels and looks better all together.

I will continue to use everyday and maybe report back again after my first month to see how it’s going. Thanks again to @orticastello it’s has been great to connect with you guys.



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