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Strain Review: Lemon Freeze Pop by Clearwater Buds

Lemon Freeze Pop (Lemon Tree x Creamsicle) from @clearwaterbuds. Lineage/Genetics: Lemon Tree x Creamsicle Original Breeder: Clearwater Genetics Grower: Clearwater Buds

Lemon Freeze Pop Strain Review

What’s incredible is the amount of high quality throughout Colorado, and it’s an honor to sample as much of it as possible. These nugs are a healthy mix of dense yet soft, sticky, and kiefy. Terps are abundant & pungent, each hit is always a karate chop to the tolerance (⛽️hiya). Recently I’ve been lovin on everything Clearwater puts out, on both the MED and REC sides. 1. Spearmint Style 2. Lemon Freeze Pop 3. Kush Mintz 4. Mai Tai 5. Devil Driver 6. White Hot Guava (try any of these ASAP) I’m late on this – majority of y’all are hip to Clearwater. If you’re not, now you can be 💯🔥 • • • • • #Denver #Colorado #DenverBudtender #Budtender #clearwater #clearwaterbuds #clearwatergenetics #LemonFreezePop #LemonTree #Creamsicle4 #creamsicle #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #mmj #cannabisculture #420 #420daily #420community #420photography #strainoftheday #coloradocannabis #coloradocannabiscommunity
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Check out more reviews by @extractedbyzack on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/extractedbyzack)

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Check out more reviews by @extractedbyzack on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/extractedbyzack)

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