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Strain Review: Meraki Mango (KC33 x Mango)

Picked up this Meraki Mango today by @merakigardens. Lineage/Genetics: KC33 x Mango Original Breeder: Meraki Gardens Grower: Meraki Gardens

Meraki Mango Strain Review

meraki mango thc percentage by pdxstonemanSaw it on the menu, but still asked to see some other stuff. Like an idiot. Glad I came to my senses. Along with this Mochi Gelato, you can see my evenings are sitting pretty. #fuckinsomnia #bakedontwake THC: 27.2% CBD: 0.09% . . . #wedontsmokethesame #OMMP #weedstagram420 #weedporndaily #weed #indica #hybrid #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #Medicate #weshouldsmoke #cookiesorbetter #highsociety #higherthanmost #bud #ganja #marijuana #designerweed #iloveweed #oregonweed #portlandweed
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Check out more reviews by @pdxstoneman on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/pdxstoneman)

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Check out more reviews by @pdxstoneman on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/pdxstoneman)

One thought on “Strain Review: Meraki Mango (KC33 x Mango)

  • I’m actually wake and baking on some Meraki Mango this morning. A pretty grey rainy typically Portland, OR day, could use a little Mango for the start of this Sunday morning. I just picked up an eighth of this strain from Cannabis Nation in my neck of the woods Beaverton, OR. I never actually purchased Merkai grown cannabis until this strain.. I had the budtender pull it down from the selve the nugs looked really heavy and dense from the look of it in the jar and I wasn’t really looking for any particular strain this time around. The budtender really awesome guy by the way was really talkative and engaging which is the interaction I want with budtenders. I could go on a whole rant about my experience with budtenders seriously, but back to the Mango strain. The budtender opened the jar and the smell just attacks your nasal holes! Then dude brings out this little fan to blow the smell even more in my direction. Which is cool, since covid of course you can’t get to up close and personal with cannabis here anymore in Oregon i.e. getting a good nose full out of the weed jars. I hope that changes soon enough but the smell again caught my attention and it was off to the races for. The smell and the bag appeal caught me in all the “feels” so again I got an eighth. I also purchased about hundreds dollars worth of other strains and edibles but i was really excited about the Mango Meraki strain. So long story short, sorta. I opened my glass jar that I keep all my cannabis in with a humidity pack after I get purchase my weed take the weed from those awesome plastic jars and put them in clean glass. But the smell when I cracked open one of the nugs of Mango its was actually like I was standing in front of a basket of fresh mangoes. Putting it in the grinder trying to grind the Meraki Mango came with a little elbow grease due to how sticky the nug was. Then again the smell after the grind up was straight fruity with a little pungent mixed in. So I vape my flower in my trusty hand help YoCan had the damn thing for years and it’s still hanging in there like a heavy weight. But I loaded a chamber of the Mango and fired up a quick session. 334 degrees on the vape cause I’m a taste snob my favorite terp.. well besides smell of course. So the taste was muted which surprised me I did get the slight Mango taste with a splattering of the pungent which was a little disappointing I’ll load another chamber later and see if I can get the taste I was searching for. The high onset is instant you’ll feel it! Starts in the body of course then immediately in the mind a slow down effect.I call it the speed bump situation. A great strain for medical patients needing pain management or PTSD individuals or insomniacs. If I had to rate this strain on a scale of 1-5 cause I’m not a conformist and don’t really see the need in a 1-10 scale that just to many numbers in between all that lol But 1-5 I’d say a solid 3.5. I will totally seek out more strains from Meraki not a bad first introduction. 😀


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