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Strain Review: Moonrise by rythm

This beauty of a strain is MoonRise by @rythm_official. Lineage/Genetics: Moonshine Haze x Double Purple Doja Original Breeder: 14er Holistics Grower: rythm Dispensary: Cure Penn

Moonrise Strain Review

A relaxing indica dominant hybrid that is sure to bring you back to your center. I love the slow onset on this strain. It creeps up and sets in with a full body relaxation before you know it. When first opened, you get a tropical aroma with an underlying muskiness. A unique combination that makes you takes a second to breathe it all in. Make sure you have everything done that you need. This gal is happy to help you stay on the couch! #moonrise #rythm #yourhostnoah #mmjpatient #mmj #pammj #curepenn #strainreview #cannabis
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Check out more reviews by @yourhostnoah on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/yourhostnoah)

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Check out more reviews by @yourhostnoah on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/yourhostnoah)

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