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Strain Review: White Sour by Grassroots Cannabis

This gal is White Sour brought to you by @grassrootscompanies. Lineage/Genetics: The White x Sour Diesel Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: Grassroots Cannabis Dispensary: Cure Penn

White Sour Strain Review

When first opened, you get a strong earthy aroma with a hint of diesel in the backdrop. I would consider this a well balanced hybrid to keep everything on a nice, even keel. I got a subtle uplift as the strain first entered my system, but as she worked her way through, a slight heaviness was felt as the day progresses. I would recommend this for patients who deal with pain management with its strong myrcene content. It’s elevated THC levels would suggest this strain for moderate to more experienced patients. #yourhostnoah #mmjpatient #pammj #mmj #curepenn #cannabis #strainreview #grassroots #whitesour #marijuana #cannabiseducation
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Check out more reviews by @yourhostnoah on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/yourhostnoah)

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