Strain Review: Lime Juice by Esensia Gardens

Lime Juice 🍋 Review
Artisinal Sungrown Flower

2016 @theemeraldcup winner

Lineage/Genetics: Chernobyl Pheno

Original Breeder: Esensia Gardens

Grower: Esensia Gardens

Lime Juice Strain Review

23.81% Total THC
0.07% Total CBD
29.64% Total Cannabinoids
Harvest 10/19 Packaged 6/20
@esensiagardens @kandidkush
Strong citrus, fresh lime aroma as if someone just cut a lime when you opened the jar.
pungent, fresh ,sweet and sour lime flavor, reminds me of the lime juice mini bottle you can get from any store and also salt rimmed tequila shots with the lime as a chaser 😂.
Vibrant, lime green, medium sized nugs with short, dark brown pistils all covered in a thick layer of trichomes . A little dry when breaking down.
Body and mind relaxing indica that
has pain relieving effects great for a solo sesh has strong medical effects and satisfying recreational effects. gives off indica Dominant hybrid vibes
Smooth heavy smoke. reminds me of an indica version of jack herer as it initially invades your mind giving you some mental focus and energy. It kind of gave me a headache though probably because i smoked too much too fast. So i reccommend easing yourself into this strain because its very potent, lmao dont take a blunt to the face
Aside from the dated packaging, it upheld some freshness and plenty of aroma and flavor.

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