Strain Review: Nova Cane by Team Elite Genetics

NOVE CANE half ounce smalls

Lineage/Genetics: Squirt X Kush X Grandmas Cookies

Original Breeder/Grower: Team Elite Genetics @teamelitegenetics

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Nova Cane Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

One of the most exotic strains ever created, it’s an honor to review this cannabis cup classic.

AROMA 98/100
A Terpinolene dominant strain, leading with the kerosene/ chemical pungency, combined with florals, sour blueberries & sweet raspberries! It also has a peach/apricot terp, some light baked cookie flavors mixed with herbal musks, Sour danks & Gases that hide a mixture of lemons, pines, fizzy citrus & gases. Very complex & beautiful blend.

APPEAL 96/100
Great leaf to nug ratio. Has a nice organic leafy but chunky layered structure, mostly greens, light greens and yellow tintings, with occasional purps. Rusty orange pistils are long, wavy, and luscious, escaping the nugs In tight groupings. The trichomes are dominant, with mass cluster coverage. Nice length to stalks, and big huge chunky blocky wet heads on them, Creating the exotic freshly salted look, ‘cluster chomes’ look, and the light greasy reflecting look. Quality matches the bigs, just the smaller versions. Small A-nugs.

SMOKE 92/100 TASTE 96/100
Starts off with inner ash pure white, with salt& pepper outsides from the initial paper, but the rest of it burns all white. Terp ring drips the whole cone. Heavy blue raspberry gummy worm candy & chemical pungency, cookie flavors, herbal musky spice, pine, light florals, & gas.

EFFECT 96/100 POTENCY 96/100
3 small puffs from the cone held in for a long time, & i was BAKED. first in the chest with some tough pressure and gravitational pull. Next was the headchange, supplying both the relaxing stoney trippy inner-self side and also the uplifting creative social side, but the body feels fully relaxed, eyes dropped with toasty headband buzz w/ a 3hour duration that ends stoney, sleepy & hungry. Great medication for various symptoms.

Overall: 96.5/100
The terps once again are unreal, with the burn and potency/effects to match. A Terpy cannabis cup classic, now made in half o smalls so your pockets can enjoy it too. The bigs of nova cane could potentially be my favorite ever with these scores for the smalls!

Nothing is for sale !

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