Strain Review: Cherry Trop by Wonderbrett

Cherry Trop @wonderbrett

Lineage/Genetics: Cherry Cookies x Trop Cookies

Original Breeder: Wonderbrett

Grower: Wonderbrett

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Cherry Trop Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

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The first slide is a slide show of 4 different cover photos, 5sec each

Thc: 27.08% Canna: 33.21%
Harvest: 10/12/21 Pack: 12/02/21
Long cure, preserving it well!

APPEAL: 90/100
The big cola was spacey and had a funky deformed backside, but the front side was nice looking, with the inner trichs revealed through the spaceyness, the other 3 nugs were mid size, with perfect shape and density, although the flower is slightly leafy, it’s nugged up proper, it leans to dry side, somewhat crisp, and a light stickiness to it, mostly neon greens, with quite a bit of purple patches and bases, the pistils are rusty orangeish red and come out in mass gatherings, extremely long and wavy. Trichomes acre fuzzy coverage on outside, but inner trichs have nice big heads, although kiefy and fall off fairly easily.

AROMA: 86/100
Cookie flavors, slight dough. Then behind that is a light but sweet floral candy fruit, slight cherry, slight apricot. Behind that is slight herbal musky tropical layer, but very slight. Breaking it open reveals the sharp burnt skunk, and lemon pine gas, pine comes out strong in after grind and the trop comes out lil more with musky cheesiness. All The aromas are light though, but combine nicely.

dry pull is floral sweet cherry candy, dough, mint, pine, lemon, gas, slight trop with hint of musky cheese. Very sweet and skittley. It had white-ish ash, some gray, some pepper, clear wet resin layer with a small & fading dark oil ring. Burned even until half way it ran the rest. Pleasant smoke! Nice tasty exhales.

Effects 87/100 potency 85/100
Light but Stoney, body buzz is decent, mind is calmed and buzzed. Feeling it in the face, eyes dropped a notch, took most the cone to feel it, finishing cone had me lightly buzzed for 1.5 hours.

Overall: 88/100
This one is a solid upper tier 2 which I consider as the ‘high grade or top shelf’ category. Wonderbrett delivers solid scores in each category, while keeping the ticket fair. Great ‘flame to ticket’ ratio.

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