Strain Review: Raspberry Cheesecake by Indoor Organic Gardens

Raspberry Cheesecake from @thereal_iog @petrolexotics215

Lineage/Genetics: Wedding Cake x Sunset Sherbert

Original Breeder: Indoor Organic Gardens

Raspberry Cheesecake Strain Review

This stuff was gas.

As I opened the bag I felt as if I was smelling a prepackaged baked good from 7/11 or something. Sweet cream cheese frosting, graham cracker smell with bright lime hints. Incredibly enticing and tasted just as good as it smelled.

Creamy fuel upon exhale keeping you rolling up until its all gone. As for presentation, IOG really knows what they’re doing and pictured is very meticulously cared for buds. Trimming and cure were honestly perfect. Just look at the nugs, even just the hue of purple and contrasting burgundy orange hairs signify its gas.

The effects of these buds were hybrid like as I felt energetic and uplifted initially, only to eventually feel a sedative effect hours later after continuous use. I need more IOG asap!

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