Strain Review: Sensi Wizard by Highland Grow

Sensi Wizard by Highland Grow

Lineage/Genetics: Sensi Star x Warlock x AK-47

Original Breeder: Highland Grow

Grower: Highland Grow

Dispensary: Ontario Cannabis Store

Sensi Wizard Strain Review

With a very deliberate piece of breeding Highland took the hard hitting indica genetics of both Sensi Star and Warlock and crossed them with the limonene dominant AK47, to create an incredibly energizing sativa ☕. Differing from products like Carmel’s Animal Face or Ogen’s Freshly Baked in that the indica genetics do not manifest other than a delightfully dense bud structure and a punch to remember. There is no crash, couch lock, or even stoniness. It remains perfectly productive while letting you buzz all day 🐝.

Opening the bag, the freshness of limonene fills the room 🍋, despite it not being listed in the terpene profile on Highland’s site. What are listed are both alpha and beta pinene 🌲, which could account for the heady effects, but not that citrusy zip. Slightly sweet, almost Pledge-like, the smell is unmistakable, especially with how strong the overall nose is.

The rest of the bag appeal also met the high standards I have come to expect from Highland 🏅. The cure is one of the best in the game, giving a super smooth hit. And it not only preserves the terps but the overall freshness. Despite the nugs being on the smaller side, the cure coupled with the density, meant they were still springy. There was no popcorn, shake, or obnoxious sugar leaves, just gorgeously triched out nugs 😍.

Like I said, the effects on this one are simple: Strong high 🥊, Super energizing 🐇. Think Limelight or Orangeade in terms of clarity but with the THC hit of a Wappa or MAC1. It can be the jolt you need to get out the door or the strike of inspiration needed to start your latest project 🎨. Highland Grow’s Sensi Wizard is one to seek out. Simply put, it is the highest quality product I have tried, with the strongest THC hit, that fills the spot in my rotation of a purely uplifting and productive wake n bake. 💥☕💥☕💥

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