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Strain Review: Sour Diesel by Blackrabbit Farm

Sour Diesel (AJ) by @blackrabbit_farm who is under the all-star collective of cultivators called @sourfamilyfarms Lineage/Genetics: AJ’s Sour Diesel Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: Blackrabbit Farms Collective: Sour Family Farms Terpene Profile: Unknown

Blackrabbit Farm Sour Diesel Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

sour diesel aj by blackrabbit farm strain review by hazeandsour Rating: 9.6/10 Dour? Yes If you are familiar with @blackrabbit_farm then I dont need to do much explaining for you to understand how 🔥 this is. For those of you who are not familiar with his work, he’s on some master level cultivating and curing. He’s got a few other strains, such as hazel, which is a haze & a sour cross, Michka which technically isnt a haze but his taste more like haze than a lot of the piffcon entries this year 😂. He also has Kushcake that I haven’t tried yet & I’ve heard he has a great Haleys Comet but currently I don’t think he’s running that strain. This sour is grown to perfection, perfect cure, dry on outside, sticky as all hell inside. U need to wash your hands after u break it up just so the blunt paper doesnt stick on your fingers. The smell is that sour that will have the entire building u are in reeking like sour from the dime bag thats in your pocket. Type that u leave in ur glove compartment for a day & ur car now reeks like dour for a month. The taste is how it smells, straight gasoline with a hint of fruit. I like my sour to have a tiny hint of fruit taste but not much. This I would say is 90% gas, 10% fruit, my ideal sour D taste is 99% gas to 1% fruit & this comes very close to that. Since its so sticky it burns forever when rolled up. This has easily skyrocketed to the top of my daily rotation. Obviously its not the back in the day early 2000’s sour which is not around anymore so its not fair to judge based on that, but this sour has all the characteristics of that oldschool sour and it comes extremely close. The smoke is smooth, not harsh at all, delicious, no cough. Equally heady and body high, giggly muchies high, extra bloodshot eyes, not heavy cotton mouth, very clear headed for sour, but the limit is 3 blunts and u gotta take a nap to refresh or else u will be walking around as a sour zombie all day going thru the motions without noticing until the next day that you went thru the day before as a zombie. This is so far the best sour D i have had in easily 5 years probably longer. Highly recommend 9.6/10
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Piff & Dour
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Piff & Dour From New York Haze & Sour Diesel Connoisseur Constantly on the hunt for the best Haze & Sour Diesel I'll let you know if its piff

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