Strain Review: Southern Toad by Tyson Ranch

SOUTHERN TOAD TYSON2.0 @tysonranchofficials @miketyson

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Breeder: Tyson Ranch

Grower: Tyson Ranch

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Dispensary: Cakehouse Vista

Southern Toad Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

THC: 40.49% cbd: .07% CANNA: 47.70%

THIS REVIEW WAS COURTESY OF @cakehouse_vista recommended this long ago

Weight check: 100/100
3.55 > 3.50

Aroma: 92.5/100
Earthy, but sweet and gassy. Super floral, it has some smooth sweet terps, with some heavy pine in the front and lil lemon cream in the back. A fresh floral mint or slight menthol layer is combined with a slight citrus candy & baked cookie, and doughy cookie cream. Then it has a chemdawg musky herbal funk closing it up. Earthy gassy sweet doughy minty floral chem herbal funk. Breaking nugs release OG flavors, and freezer burnt skunky gelatos and a slight cheese

Appeal: 93.5/100
5 nug eighth, 4 avg 1 small. Some nugs mostly green, others purp dominate. Nice tight dense cookied structure. (Purp nugs): Dark purple leaves with fuzzy trichome coverage on outside trichs, LONG neon orange pistils give it a gsc or sherbet look, inner trichs are long with huge pellet heads, outside trichs are more ‘fuzzy’ in appearance, some resinous silver streaking against the purps. (green nugs): lil more leafy, with light greens to forest greens slight purple tips and highlights. Orange pistils seem to hide on the green nugs. Green nugs have better outside trich coverage than the purp outsides, both have excellent inner trichs with gnarly coverage. Semi sticky, frozen finish.

Burn: 94/100 taste: 92/100
Pure white / grey ash. Pleasant smoke. Fat oil resin ring. big time cookie flavors. Baked cookie, doughy cookie, dough mint with some cream, sweet florals, pine, earth, & chemD herbal musk funk wrap it up!

Effect: 90/100 potency: 95/100
Heavy head high. Stoney, but there is an energy rush that is short lived, followed by more heavy mental relaxation, body is mostly relaxed, with pain relief. Mood is happier. couch lockable, but creative with some flow to it, Heavy stoneage with a light quick energy underneath. 2.5 hour effect duration, effects are immediate.

Overall: 94/100

So I was very happy with this. The appeal was nice, the smells were nice and loud, the smoke was pleasant and clean, potency was prime, effects were good, lil anxiety from the potency rush, with lil energy, but the anxiety and energy fade pretty fast when the indica vibes take over. I do think other top brands I usually smoke are slightly better than this, but this was very good.I hear celebrity brands tend to fall short, but this made my Cali bud reviews tier one ranking. Very Good in all category’s, but nothing overly special either. But def promise here. recommended it long time ago, and he was right, pretty fire, big shout out to @cakehouse_vista for making this review possible

Dry pull: dough, cookie, mint, chem. Sour chem, butter sweet dank dark chocolate. Chem funk. Pine. Gas. Lemon floral. Little zesty herbs. Slight Barry hops layer. Creamy.

Weight check was 3.48 but climbed up to 3.55, strange but I’ll take it.

Green nugs look better trich wise, purps look better color wise and structure wise.

First session was with bowl, second session was cone. Session with cone was much better.

The cone burned so clean, with the fattest of terp drips, dark motor oil drip. Pure white ash with some grey. Very Stoney in body but mind is some what focused while Stoney, fades into all relaxing soon enough. Burns even. Taste more sour dank chem towards the end. Smooth af and clean. Pressure to chest, and face pressure, eyes were closing towards the end of the cone, great stuff, def very very close to my usuals . But they going hard af 💯 @tysonranchofficials @miketyson @cakehouse_vista



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